Graphite and light of Mari Lena Rapprich

September 9, 2015

Mari Lena

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Mari Lena told us that the moments she spends created artworks and show these are the best times of his artistic experience.

The artist usually work with graphite to create a game between the visible and the invisible with words and texts. Also she like the play between what is readable and what is not. For FLUX exhibition Mari lena choose to add and use light with a drawing with graphite, so the text is visible without light and invisible with light.

« when light is on you are unable to read it and if light is off you can read it »

For Mari Lena texts and words are very important and they are the quickest and easiest way to describe this world. Also she tell us every art pieces are special and we must always go out with your passion.

Curator is : Matilde Frank.

Credit photos: Samy Belhaj