Box Story with Lena Weisner

September 9, 2015

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Lena’s father work like a light technicien in a theater so perhaps she got this interest in light from him. And when she have too choose she choose to study light desing so she can used and  do experiments with.

Lena participates on the FLUX program with a box specially create for this exhibition also it’s easier to take it wherever we want . this box it’s based on the refracting pattern of a particular plexiglass disc. Lena Weisner splits the concentrated bundle of light of a green laser beam with a kinetic machine into a cobweb-like structure that constantly scans its spatial environment.

She try already with red laser but she think  it’s better to use green colors because it’s more free and it’s out of all signs and symbols of red color. also on the form of plexiglass she has to try several to finally choose this form for this box.

for the artist this first exhibition in Tunisia is very interesting with the cultural exchange between Tunisian  artists and German artists. Equally it is very important to met new people and different experiences.


Curator is Oumayma Abdelhak.

Credit photos : Samy Belhaj